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Being prepared is vital for the success of your business, we focus on   understanding developments that have the potential to create operational, regulatory and/or third-party liabilities.

We have a strong team of innovative and dedicated investigators and consultants who perform their duties with full integrity & intensity and without any prejudice.

We offer a multidisciplinary service aimed developing policy, assessing impact and execution, gaining regulatory approvals, managing risk and controlling costs so that you may conduct your business in a perfectly healthy and conducive environment.

METSTON provides consultancy Services in a manner that will safeguard Client assets, equipment, establishments and all employees, and provide a deterrent against unauthorized or illegal activities directed towards Client.

We maintain liaison with all authorities including but not limited to police station, statutory and government agencies. Consultant shall always act as the interface between police, Law enforcement agencies and Client including its employees.





At METSTON, we strongly believe that well-trained and motivated people are the key to our success. Our in-house training department is committed to groom the employees by providing them industry and site-specific training, to meet the individual requirements of our clients and the ever-changing industry requirements.

·         Induction and orientation:  This is the first step towards training and we believe that it’s crucial for all staff, regardless of their position category. It’s a great way of sharing essential information about the company in general and it also gives the employees an understanding of their role and responsibilities in the organization.

§  Basic training: Every employee undergoes basic security training course, which includes classroom and field training.

§  Refresher training: It is conducted for employees to brush up on their skills that they have already developed. It also allows us to share any updates, short-term goals and objectives.

§  (Refresher training includes firefighting, first-aid etc.)

§  On job Training: We conduct OJT (On job Training) periodically for all our employees. This helps us evaluate and mentor them on a real time basis.

§  With the expertise of our trainers and the conducive environment within the company, we transform the potential employees into top quality professionals of the future.


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